Williams-Sonoma and an Express-Jet/ASI

Williams Sonoma Express Jet

The Lawson Express-Jet ASI direct-to-substrate printer for personalized products.

Lawson Express-Jet/ASI

JP from Williams-Sonoma starts to prep the the Lawson Express-Jet ASI printer in Memphis, TN. Williams-Sonoma uses this robust direct-to-substrate printer for their high-end LED/UV printing applications. Furthermore, this includes printing on a wide variety of personalized items. Such items are beach bags, hand bags, makeup cases, jewelry case, wallets, and many other products. Yet, this is just a small testament to the versatility of what the Express-Jet/ASI can accomplish. This direct-to-substrate printer is specifically suppose to meet the commercial and industrial requirements of the ASI industry and can print on a wide variety of flat items with "cold-cure" LED UV inks. Check Out More Express Jet Machines

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