Auto-Swing Flash with Air Overview

Auto-Swing Flash with Air Overview


The Auto-Swing Flash is great for automating your manual printing because it rotates over the garment to get a proper cure, then swings away from the platen automatically. All you have to do is set the dwell/delay timer to get the and avoid scorching the garment and burning the platen.

Built specially with forced air flowing through the heating panel and onto the garment. Get the best flash cure and faster flash times while preventing scorching for sensitive fabrics and your platens.

Easy to program, turn delay knob to left to shorten flash time, or to the right to increase the time that the flash is over a garment.

To use, move garment into place, hit foot pedal, and the Auto-Swing will swing over the garment to cure it for the amount of time it was programmed for. When finished, it will swing away and you can continue to print!

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