Blazer Conveyor Dryer Overview


The Lawson Blazer conveyor dryer is a versatile garment dryer. This t-shirt dryer is totally customizable. Select a standard belt width and standard length conveyor belt, or create a custom width and length that fits your specific needs. You can always increase the in-feed or out-feed of the Blazer anytime. Not only are the Blazer's heat chamber modular, but they are easy to access for self-service. No tools are needed and there are no wires to move.

This screen printing machine is designed with a unique heating chamber that creates a vortex of hot air that goes through the garment for a full rapid cure. This element makes this dryer beneficial for screen printing, direct-to-garment, water-based and discharge ink. All heat chambers are specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency and are double insulated.

The Lawson Blazer conveyor dryer control panel is built with an easy to read digital LCD screen which shows the dryer's temperature and set point. There is a screen that shows voltage and amperage and how much power is being used and how much it costs to operate. There is a digital belt speed controller and an option to control the direction of the belt.

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