Express EX Screen Printing Press Touchscreen Demo

Express EX Screen Printing Press Touchscreen Demo


David does a quick demonstration of the Lawson Express EX automatic screen printing press machine features. The new Lawson Express EX is a generation leading screen printing machine. Not only is the look more sleek, but It features an intuitive HMI touchscreen as well. This gives the operator more control, and less worry.

Choose which print heads you want on, a variety of timers and delays to choose from, and a free wheel option to move the carousel any direction. It is user-friendly, color touch screen is easy to understand and use, no special training is required.

The Express EX features AC motor-drive print heads. Fully automated print heads are combined with an integrated high-speed automatic carousel.

The EX is designed to dramatically increase production, provide greater print consistency, minimize the physical stress of manually printing - all while being extremely simple to use, set-up and maintain. To request pricing on an Express EX click here, email us at, or call 314.382.9300

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