Express EX Automatic Screen Printing Press Demo


The Lawson Express EX builds on 20+ years of Lawson's innovative high-speed automatics t-shirt presses. The EX dramatically increases production, provides greater print consistency and minimizes the physical stress of manually printing – all while being extremely simple to use, set-up and maintain.

What sets this automatic press above the others:

    • Intuitive HMI Color Touch Screen

    • Customizable Flash Options

    • Smooth Squeegee & Flood Bar Chopper & Angle Adjustments

    • Easy Cassette Screen Loading

    • True-Glide Front & Rear Micro-Registration

    • Heavy-Duty Direct-Drive AC Motor Drive Print Heads

    • Interchangeable Platens with major brands

Fully automated print heads are combined with an integrated high-speed automatic carousel. Roller bearing registration at each print station ensures pinpoint registration and consistency. An intuitive, user-friendly, color touch screen is easy to understand and use, no special training is required.

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