How to Reclaim Screens with the Poly-Pro Dip Tank


Dip tanks cut down on the time, chemicals, and physical effort you have to use to clean your screens. Simply leave your screens in the tank to soak in a dip tank solution (anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes). After soaking, pull your screen out, give it a quick scrub, and pressure wash away all the ink and emulsion.

*Note: If a ghost image remains after power washing your screen, simply use a haze remover such as ID-360 to remove it. Watch how ID-360 can help you get rid of that haze.

The solution we recommend to use with the Lawson Poly-Pro Dip Tanks is Lawson’s One Step Concentrated Dip Tank Solution. This reclaiming solution is great because it also has a built in degreaser. Use only one 5 Gallon bucket of this concentrate to fill the entire Dip Tank, and fill the rest with water.

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