Lawson Mini-Trooper VC Automatic Screen Printing Press

Lawson Mini-Trooper VC Automatic Screen Printing Press


From the Trade Show floor at the 2010 NBM show in Indianapolis, IN. Glen Canania with Lawson demonstrates our Mini-Trooper VC.


Hi, my name is Glen. I'm with Lawson Products located in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'd like to spend a few minutes here and show you some of our equipment. We're a complete manufacturer of screen printing equipment and supplies, and we make a complete line of automatic printers. What I'd like to demonstrate here for you today at the show is one of our semi-automatic printers. We call this printer the mini-printer or the Mini-Trooper VC. It comes in a variety of different configurations and we do have some extra features, but this is our Mini-Trooper VC basic. It's for the introductory person; somebody that's actually thinking about getting out of the manual printing and going into something that's semi-automatic. First of all one of the things I'm wanting to show you is it's a very safe machine. It doesn't use any motorized carousel; it's strictly a manual carousel, something very similar to what you would be using currently with your manual printer. What also makes this machine very unique is that it's automated. So all we have to do is, once the screens are in the machine, press the foot pedal, which it's foot-pedal operated. All of the print heads that are turned on will print, as you can see, and it's finished! So here we have a four color print on a four color machine. Again, we do have to rotate the carousel manually, and we have a four color print. Now what automation is going to give the person, it's going to give them repeat-ability because I don't have to pull the squeegee anymore. It's going to give me consistency Each print is consistent, the ink deposit is consistent from top to bottom, and it's doing it with basically an unskilled laborer. I can take anybody who's never ever printed before, teach them very quickly how to load and unload a t-shirt, spin the carousel, take the shirt off, place it onto the dryer, grab another t-shirt 9in this case we're just using a test print) lay it onto the platen, print it again, and we have another shirt. We also manufacture a shuttle flash that will allow us to print and flash at the same print station. Unlike many of the other manufacturers out there that make automatic printers, wherever they use a shuttle flash or a shuttle print, we actually lose that print head. But on a Lawson machine our shuttle flash actually shuttles underneath the screen and shuttles back so we can print and flash at the same print head. This is a true four color, six station printer.

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