Platens for Manual Screen Printing Presses

Lawson Screen & Digital Products offers screent printing platens and pallets in an assortment of shapes & sizes that fit all of the Lawson manual silk screen printing presses. We have pallets that fit all current model printing presses and also platens that fit all our older model screen print presses as well.

Custom pallets can be ordered to your specifications. Please Call 314.382.9300 for a custom pallet/platen size

T-Shirt Platens

Screen Printing Platens

Child: 9" x 21" (wt. = 3.8 lbs)*
Youth: 11" x 21"(wt. = 4.8 lbs)*
Adult: 14" x 21"(wt. = 5.7 lbs)*
X-Large: 16" x 21"(wt. = 7.0 lbs)*
Single Sleeve: 4" x 24" with slip tube
Double Sleeve: 4" x 24"(x2)
Single Leg: 9" x 36"
* Can be purchased without the neck.

Specialty Pocket & Sleeve

Sleeve and Pocket Platen

This 3.5" x 9" Pocket Platen for manual textile presses is great for screen printing onto garment pockets, garment cuffs, and even works great for printing onto koozies.

Pocket Attachment

T-Shirt Pocket Screen Printing Platen

Print area is 3.5" x 5.5". You can use the pocket attachment for printing pockets or sleeves. The most cost-effect solution for screen printing on pockets.

Koozie Platen

Screen Printing Can Koozie Platen

This is a custom 3-platen Koozie printing attachment.

Lawson "L" Style Cap Platen

Screen Printing Platens

Cap Attachment "L" Style: Cap plate flattens the cap panel for fast cap placement and printing.

"J" Style Cap Platen

Screen Printing Platens

Cap Attachment "J" Style: This cap attachment features a bill-locator, plate grid and side plates for easy cap alignment. This is the easiest cap printing attachment available.

Jacket Holddown

Screen Printing Jacket Platen Hold down

Our 16" x 16" Jacket Hold Down Platen is used for printing on nylon jackets, mesh jerseys, athletic shorts and double-ply garments.

Vacuum Platen

Screen Printing Vacuum Platen

Optional vacuum tables may be used with most Lawson manual screen printing presses. Print area is 14" x 18", and can be customized for  your needs.

Rear Clamp

Rear Clamp for Platen

This is pic is showing our optional Rear Frame Camps being used on an HD-Printing Press. Use this feature when printing with oversized screens.

XL Sleeve Platen

This is pic is showing our Single Sleeve Pallet with it's slip-tube.

Overall Back Platen - "Boy-Friend Jersey"

Shown with a finished print.

Lawson Slip-Tube Note: Must use Lawson Rear Clamps to hold oversize frame

Tag Platen

Screen Printing Tag Platen Silk Screen T-Shirt Tag Platens T-shirt Tag Printing Pallet

View of the Tag Platen, used for printing on the inside of a tagless t-shirt. You can attach this device to most Lawson pallets/platens.

Lawson Printing Press Slip-Tube Styles

Screen Printing Platen Tube Types

Rectangle Slip-Tube (Standard Style)

Silk Screen Pallet Tube Types

Diamond Slip-Tube (Old Style Presses & 8-Color)

Textile Pallet Printing Tube

Speed Platen Base (Quick-Change Platens)

Graphic Equipment

Heat Transfer Equipment

Used Equipment

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